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Looking to furnish your new home addition, update your master suite or maybe spruce up the living area? With the multitude of brick and mortar shops and online stores, it leads to the question; are there somethings that should be purchased in the store vs. online?

While you may not have to leave the convenience of your home to make a purchase when shopping online, if issues arise with the purchase, such as quality, design or damage; is the return going to cost you in time and money??

In resent studies it has been stated that customers still like the idea of touching, seeing and “trying out” furniture before making the “big” purchase. There is certainly something to be said about actually seeing the item you are purchasing when buying larger ticket items.

What are some other reasons to consider shopping the brick and mortar vs online when buying home furnishings?

  • Personal customer service. Say what you will, but you can not replace face to face, excellent customer service. It’s always best, but especially when making large purchases.

  • Most times, furniture is already fully assembled when purchasing.

  • Items are inspected for damage immediately upon delivery vs. afterwards.

  • Damages and claims can be handled directly through the store with personal service.

  • No packaging and reshipping is handled by you, the customer. If an issue occurs, the store will handle all the details for you.

Here at Furniture Solutions, Wilder KY we take pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients, their friends and family. Helping you make the perfect selection for your home furnishing plans is what we do best.

With a wide selection of brands, we carry products that create options for every room and every budget providing options for our clients to make all their home decor dreams come true.

If you are looking to make a home furnishings purchase, be sure to stop by our Northern Kentucky location, 1400 Gloria Terrell Dr Wilder, Kentucky 41076, and we will be glad to help you make the selection that is right for you.