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Once considered simplistic, uninspired, and utilitarian, the farmhouse style has recently made a turn in the hearts of homeowners. Creative architects and designers have favored renovating farmhouses and barns and creating them into new living spaces. Their results are often magazine-cover worthy and involve reclaimed wood, true antiques, and amenities that are as modern as the cell-phone but are designed to appear like they belong on ‘Little House on the Prairie.’

For those who aren’t in the market for a complete renovation or such a large lifestyle overhaul, there are many aspects that one can incorporate into interior design, furniture choices, and decorating in order to achieve this ‘farmhouse modern’ trend.

Furniture Choices:

  • Finish: Choose natural wood instead of anything that has been lacquered or is made out of a wood that is not indigenous to the farm-land that you are attempting to embody.
  • Design: Clean lines and boxed angles…anything that would need specialized tools or unique artistic training to create would not fit into the farmhouse aesthetic
  • Fabric: Naturally dyed fabrics such as linens or burlap in earth tones, beiges, and greys.


Weight Varying

  • Many farmhouse modern choices are industrial and heavy. A farmhouse table, a barn light- these items of history have gravity and can make a room feel hefty.
  • Pair these heavy elements with more contemporary pieces that are ‘light.’  Pendant lights above the table or wire framed chairs offer visual lightness amongst your farmhouse pieces.


Embrace DIY

  • Pairing handmade decor and furniture pieces with factory-grade pieces will add an element of ‘imperfect’ to your farmhouse modern look.
  • Find creative ways to incorporate unfinished wood and partial barn beams; bookshelves, picture shelves, small footstools, or a small side table.
  • Pillows and small upholstery projects made from salvaged linens. Take it one step further and feature old cross-stitch or lace crochet!


There are so many fun ways to incorporate farmhouse elements into your home! Furniture Solutions, in Wilder, KY, is a great source of furniture and decor that fit perfectly into this aesthetic. Think industrial, think clean, think natural, think handmade… Furniture Solutions has what you’re looking for!  Contact Us HERE