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We can all agree that our surroundings affect our emotions and state of mind… Some love a large and loud crowd, Some prefer a dark and quiet room, while others resonate with nature. All humans react differently to our surrounding because of many different inherent factors and learned behaviors.

While we all prefer different conditions to achieve our optimal emotional state, there are studies that conclude that colors may have similar effects on people in a more broad sense. While one may prefer being part of a crowd and one may prefer being alone….color psychology suggests that the color ‘black, or red, or yellow (etc.)’ might have the same emotional effect on 2 individuals who prefer different surroundings.

The psychology of color is based on the mental and emotional effects colors have on sighted people in all facets of life. There are some very subjective pieces to color psychology as well as some more accepted and proven elements. Like all subjective theories, there will of course be variations in interpretation, meaning, and perception between different cultures.

At Furniture Solutions, Northern Kentucky Furniture Store, we have provided a way for customers to shop ‘a la carte’…shop by emotion! This allows for a new perspective when redesigning a room. Instead of being lead by the functionality of the room, a homeowner can make choices based on how he or she wants to feel in the room. These feelings, attached to a specific color palette, allow you to coordinate the room to coincide with your desired emotion.



Begin your day with a smile. Capture happiness by exposing yourself to the yellow rays of sunshine in your home. Kitchen nooks, guest bathrooms, entry-ways, front doors…choose yellow for parts of your house that greet guests.



Feel refreshed by creating your very own serene retreat. Exhale while you embark in a soothing sea of teal relaxation. Cool blues are calming and are perfect for a master bedroom or bath.



Raise the temperature with a passionate red-orange. A splash of this effervescent color will have you falling in love, as your eyes are repeatedly serenaded. While bright Reds might be appropriate for small decorative accents, as to not overwhelm a space, a muted red or any warm color in its family will evoke passion and intensity.



Are you in need of a daily dose of confidence? Then be confident in navy to transform your space, as it exudes authority and leadership. It just may compel you to feel the same way! Clean lines and timeless design elements are the key to exuding confidence; dining rooms, libraries, and family dens are great rooms to land in Navy Blue.



Like clay in a potter’s hands, mold your atmosphere into a peaceful haven that evokes a neutral and harmonious gray palette. Any room that is a retreat; master bedroom, master bath, an extra bedroom that is now a place for your hobby… choose a gray palette to welcome in a breath of slow, peaceful air.


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