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It is back to school time! Students are moving into dorms and kids are getting ready to hit the books again. Whether you find yourself on campus or working from your bedroom this fall, there are some essential items that will keep you organized, comfortable, and at the top of your scholarly game.


  • Workspace – Your learning/living quarters has to have at least one space designated for homework and study. A dorm room will typically include a desk. But if you’re living and working at home or in an apartment, it is time to go desk shopping! Today there are tons of options, some of which are incredibly compact and efficient. Be sure to measure the space in your room you plan to put the desk. Nothing worse than getting that perfect desk home, only to find it has devoured your room! If your course load will require a lot of textbooks or research, consider installing shelves or buying a small bookcase.


  • Chairs – You can’t be successful if you aren’t comfortable. Those long hours pouring over text and notes will seem like a life-sentence without proper seating. A quality desk chair that fits under your desk, while also providing you with support, is essential. Accent chairs can provide a much needed break from the desk area, allowing you to relocate to continue your studies.


  • Bedroom sets – If you do find yourself in an apartment this fall, at minimum you’ll need to furnish your bedroom. Sharing an apartment with roommates? This space becomes all that more important as it is your sanctuary! As you calculate the amount of storage you need, be sure to consider your closet space and if you will be sharing it with anyone else.


  • Bedding – Even if your apartment or dorm room comes fully furnished, you’ll need to buy bedding sets. Be sure to have at least 2 sets of sheets and blankets for all of the seasons. It is very important you confirm the bed size before buying!. Dorm beds are notorious for being extra long twin-size, a sheet size that can be difficult to find. Dorm room mattresses are built for durability over comfort. Consider a quality mattress topper to ensure you get a good night’s sleep (even if it’s not until 2am)!


  • All Work and No Play? – Even the most dedicated scholar cannot study all the time. Entertainment is a must! At minimum, a television and stand will allow you to take a break from the books and computer screen to watch the big game or to binge your favorite series when you’re supposed to be studying for an exam!


Whatever your schooling arrangements this fall, Furniture Solutions in Wilder, KY has the items you need to rise to the head of the class! Shop online or come into our Wilder location and see our wide selection of furniture and accessories.