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We’re almost halfway through 2020…. Really? How can that be?

We’re checking in to give you some top furniture trends of 2020!

While these might be labeled with the fleeting word ‘trend,’ do not fear! These design ideas offer classic solutions in which we believe are worth investing because they won’t disappear in 6 months when we welcome in 2021.

Natural and Sustainable Materials: The love of rustic and farmhouse inspired pieces continues to be prevalent,  but an emphasis not only on the design is emerging. Material quality is taking the spotlight. Reclaimed or sustainably grown wood, bamboo, or other recycled materials, paired with simplistic design make the best pair! Farmhouse pieces that are made of materials not found on a farm are being labeled as phonies, instead being replaced by authenticity sourced materials

Masculine Fabrics and Lines:

While the neutral palette continues to take the spotlight, lines and fabrics inspired by menswear are gaining interest. Industrial designs, leather upholstery, denim, and dark woods pair well with a subtle neutral color for pieces in the living room, bedroom, and even the dining room. These bold choices and potentially cold materials can be softened by accessories that communicate warmth and comfort.

Multi-Function Furniture:

With the ‘tiny house’ movement booming, people are intrigued and beguiled by furniture that is multifunctional and malleable. Options that include charging ports, hidden storage, and other repurposable aspects are sure winners. Thinking beyond the storage chest and empty ottoman, new pieces of multi-function furniture are gaining popularity and place in high design.

Artisan Crafted and Curated:

The look of being ‘well-traveled’ is very vogue this year. Bringing a worldly flair into your living space with an artist’s touch such as handcrafted elements, natural materials, and a slight imperfectness about everything. Mixing and matching pieces, fabrics, and design aesthetics can be a success, creating a one-of-a-kind living space that looks like you have been traveling the world!

Furniture Solutions, located in Wilder, KY, is a Northern Kentucky furniture store, offering a wide selection of pieces for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. With a wide range of styles, you are sure to find many pieces that echo the trends of 2020. The best way to experience Furniture Solutions is to visit our showroom for inspiration and, while you are there, you will find the help you need to seek out that perfect new piece for your life!