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Those special people in your life deserve special gifts. Whether we are talking about a spouse, parent, or child, you are in position to purchase a gift for them that few others can. Knowing their taste and needs as well as you do enables you to choose a unique gift. Best of all, your close relationship allows you to exchange this type of gift without creating an aire of inappropriateness. 


Furniture definitely falls into this category of gifts for the special someone. Buying furniture as a gift is in many ways the same as buying any other time of the year. Be mindful of the amount of space. You don’t want to buy a piece that consumes the room. Also be sure the piece you are buying is an upgrade. Those older end tables might be antiques or heirlooms the person is hesitant to replace. Lastly, be sure to choose a piece that fits their taste as opposed to yours. Now let’s look at some of the pieces worth considering this holiday season:


Bedroom Suite – This is an ideal gift for a spouse or child. A child living in your home will appreciate the upgrade from their “kid” bedroom set. And if you have an older child that has just moved out on their own, chances are this gift might be their first pieces of quality, new furniture.


Living Room Sofas – When thinking about a sofa or living room chair, be doubly sure the piece will fit the space and conforms to the person’s taste and lifestyle. Do they have children? Pets? Would a sleeper sofa be useful? What is the likelihood they will move in the next 5 years? If you are unsure in this regard, it might be best to keep searching.


Dining Room Tables – A large table is a perfect gift for a family member that hosts gatherings but does not have a table large enough to seat everyone. Again, keep in mind the size of the space. If the home has more of an everyday eat-in kitchen area instead of a formal dining room, perhaps another gift is better suited.


“Knick-knack” Furniture – These are smaller items, ideal for most any budget, that can be given with confidence. Foot stools, bar carts, end tables, and bookcases can all be utilized in almost any home.


Once you’ve made a plan, it’s time to do some shopping. And your first (and only) stop is Furniture Solutions in Wilder, Kentucky. Start your shopping online then come and see us!