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Ah the post-Christmas to-do list: take down the tree, put decorations away. And figure out where all the new “stuff” is going to go! Despite a good, healthy holiday purge of closets and drawers, it is easy to find yourself wondering where your new things fit into your current storage. The answer is… maybe they don’t! Perhaps it’s time to upgrade and expand your storage options with some new furniture. Let’s look at some of the more common pieces that included a bonus of added storage.


  • Ottoman – An ottoman can be the perfect piece to quickly stow large or bulky objects. In the living room, you can easily stash extra blankets and pillows. In a bedroom, an ottoman is a great place to keep extra shoes or even out of season clothing.
  • Storage Beds – Beds with built-in storage aren’t just for kids anymore. Queen and king sized beds now come with a variety of options including drawers and even hydraulic lifts that raise the mattress to access the space underneath. These are great places to put infrequently used items like extra bedding and specialty clothing (i.e. Christmas sweaters). Multi-purpose headboards can also be a good way to add some vertical storage to your bedroom.
  • Bookshelf Baskets – Got more shelves than books? Adding some tasteful baskets can help add additional storage that is neatly concealed.
  • Wall Mounted Shelving – Cubbies, corner shelves, wood boxes, crates, and other repurposed items properly mounted to walls can be a great way to utilize all areas of a room.
  • Unconventional Dressers – Dressers, particularly vintage pieces that have been touched up, are a great addition to a living room, dining room, even the kitchen to create additional storage that is neat and clean.
  • Tiered Coffee Tables – While the surface of a coffee table offers plenty of function, this furniture piece can provide even more use when you choose a tiered model. Stack books and magazines on the shelf below, and use baskets or trays to corral smaller items. For added style, reserve decorative items, such as candles and floral arrangements, for the top shelf.
  • Hutches and Console Cabinets – Hutches, pie safes, cabinets, and armoires are stylish storage additions for formal or traditional living rooms. These handsome pieces bring substance to a space while providing plenty of storage for organizing necessities. Hutches are ideal for stocking items best kept out of sight, such as extra throws or entertainment gear.

The new year is a great time to start fresh with some home organization. Stop in or visit us online at Furniture Solutions Inc., Furniture store in Northern Kentucky, to get the pieces you need to get organized and stay organized in 2021!