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Dedicating space in your home for an office is now pretty much a part of every workable residential floor plan. With the growing work from home options offered in corporate America as well as the growth in self-employment, home office space can’t help but be a trending topic.

Though the already available spaces like the nook, or basement, or a portion of the bedroom are still being transformed into home offices, most of the new house owners have a separate room as their office space. Parting ways with the congested pulled together space off the corner of the kitchen or in the back of the master suite, people are looking for a well-lighted, airy and organized space that’s also inspiring.

While many still do use the space available in their home, others are taking it outside their residential footprint. Creating a quite sperate workspace in small modular buildings or renovating extra space above the garage. The idea behind this is to separate yourself from the work area to maintain your personal space. Holding the line between home and work life can be challenging even when you pull into the corporate building, much less if you never leave your house. The separate workspace, detached from the standard living corridors provides a livable solution allowing the convenience of working from home with the ability to separate the two.

Whether you keep it in the existing footprint or move it outside, wherever you choose to set up your home office, having all you need for comfort, workability, and organization are key. Creating a space that fits your needs, shows your personality and allows you to be productive is the goal. So sit back enjoy and design your creative area, just the way you see it.

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