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There has been a growing trend over recent decades towards “bigger”. Our homes include more living space with three seasons rooms and finished basements. The minivan, SUV, and crossover have assumed their positions within the auto industry. Our cheeseburgers are even bigger! And yet many of us sleep in the same cramped, confined spaces as our parents and grandparents. Regardless of whether you sleep alone or with a companion, there is a strong case to be made for upgrading that full or queen size bed to a spacious king.


  • Wiggle Room – The average person moves, turns, or adjusts some 60 to 70 times during the night. That amount of motion requires adequate space to move within and to avoid disturbing anyone else sleeping with you. Adequate space for two people in a bed is defined as being able to lie side-by-side with your hands next to your head and your elbows not touching. Any less than that and you may as well be sleeping together in a hammock.
  • More Rest – Studies have shows that the size of a bed and its relative sleep space can have a significant impact on the amount of quality sleep a person receives each night. This in turn effects all aspects of daily life (energy, mood, reaction time, stress level, cognitive skills). Buying the largest bed one can afford helps to ensure you are getting the most rest possible.
  • Space Invaders – If you’re a family unit, it is likely your bed is not solely yours. 45% of parents report allowing their 8-12 year old to sleep with them on occasion. That percentage nearly doubles when pet owners are asked if they allow their fur-babies to sleep in bed. These nighttime companions take up valuable space needed to keep comfortable throughout the night.
  • The Buffer Zone – Do you sleep with a partner who thrashes? Snores? Talks in their sleep? While it might not seem like much, those few extra inches between the two of you in a king size bed can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and feeling like you’re trying to sleep next to a sawmill.
  • Bigger People Need Bigger Beds – Whether you are tall, wide, or a little bit of both, the more space you take up, the more space you need.


Keep in mind that larger beds are for teenagers and adults only! For safety reasons, babies, toddlers, and kids should have a bed that is relative to their size.


The reality is you will spend nearly ⅓ of your life in bed! Why not spend that time as comfortable as possible. If you’re still not convinced, book a room with a king size bed the next time you are traveling. Try it out for a few nights and see if you don’t notice a difference!


At Furniture Solutions in Wilder, Kentucky, we have over 100 varieties and styles of king size beds to suit every lifestyle and budget. Shop online or come in and see us today! Instore financing is available!