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You’re moving into a new home! Whenever you are taking this step, whether it be your very first home of your own or your dream retirement spot, it’s important to make sure that you have the basics covered before you start packing that moving truck. From living room furniture to items for a home office, read on for a few crucial furniture items you’ll need to create a functional, beautiful new home that you’ll love for years to come.


Living Room Furniture

When you go over your new home essentials, start with the living room. This room is where you’ll likely spend most of your time with the family and when entertaining your guests. Look for living room furniture that’s beautiful and comfortable in one. Cushy sofas with easy-care fabric upholstery make a fantastic addition to a brand-new home with kids or pets. If you live alone or the kids have moved out, you can upgrade to luxurious leather sofas. For those who have space to spare, consider sectionals in this room. A sectional gives you lots more room to stretch out, and it’s perfect for bigger households and for people who love to entertain lots of people in the living room. Finally, don’t forget your entertainment furniture. A television console is perfect for smaller dens and living rooms, while a full-size entertainment center works great for those who want to go all out when it comes to watching movies, sports, and more. Or, if you are expecting high kid and pet traffic, consider mounting your television and components higher on a wall, maybe above a fireplace.


Items for Your New Dining Room

As you make your list of new home essentials, don’t forget to include dining room furniture. This part of the home is a wonderful place to enjoy meals together as a family, host holiday gatherings, and make lasting memories in your brand-new place. Select a sturdy dining room table that has enough room for your family plus additional guests. If your new dining room is on the smaller side, look for an extendable dining room table that can be made larger when people come over. Complement your new table with a set of matching dining chairs. Your dining room furniture doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but the chairs should reflect a similar style and finish as the table to create a nice, streamlined look. Other items of furniture to include in this room is a nice buffet cabinet, hutch, or bar. They’re all great choices if you want to store dinnerware, glasses, and table linens neatly in your dining room.


Read on next month to learn more about how your furniture choices can help you get the fresh start you’re looking for in your new home. Check out Furniture Solutions in Wilder, Kentucky, and let us help furnish your new home.

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