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Last month on our blog we shared two different focuses for putting together your new home: Living Room Furniture and Dining Room Furniture. Read on to this month’s blog to hear two more areas of focus as you’re putting your packing checklist together.


Set Your Home Office Up for Success

More people than ever are working from home, and some parents are also using remote learning for their children’s schooling. In order to make this part of your new home a productive place, you’ll need some key pieces of home office furniture. Start by measuring the size of your new home office and then look for a desk that will fit nicely without taking up too much floor space. Executive desks have a larger footprint, but they also have tons of roomy drawers for files and office accessories. A writing desk is perfect if you only have a little bit of space since these desks are smaller in size. Of course, you’ll also need a comfortable and support desk chair for this room. Make sure the chair you choose is supportive, sturdy, and adjustable so that anyone can use it comfortably.


Bedroom Furniture

You don’t have to purchase new bedroom furniture for your new home, but it’s a great way to make a fresh start. A brand-new bed and mattress can refresh your mind and your body, and it also makes your new bedroom feel more luxurious. A new dresser and a set of nightstands are both excellent choices, too. This storage furniture gives you a place for all of your clothing and accessories and works well to help you keep your new bedroom organized. If the new home doesn’t have a large closet, consider a beautiful armoire or cabinet to keep all of your clothing neat and tidy. A storage bench at the foot of your bed offers a place to hide your favorite pairs of shoes, too. Finish your new bedroom by adding a soft area rug underneath the bed. It’s a great way to add a touch of color and to give your feet a comfy surface to step on when you wake up in your brand-new home.


At Furniture Solutions in Wilder, Kentucky, we have all the key pieces you need to make your new house a home. Shop online or come visit our showroom!


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