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Lack of space is a common issue these days. Smaller and more expensive apartments, growing families – there are many reasons why it’s important to be smarter when it comes to the space efficiency of your home. The storage space you already have in your home is often not enough. You need to be more creative and find clever ways to maximize the storage capacity of your house. One of those methods is choosing furniture pieces that save your space. Yes, it’s possible! Here are the best space-saving furniture ideas for your home – use them to create a more comfortable home.

A compact sofa

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and you should pick one that will save your space. Even though bulky sofas seem more comfortable, compact designs can also be quite comfy. Two-seater sofas save you more space than the 3-seater version, but they still offer enough sitting space. It will make the living room more open and give you more space for walking around or placing an interesting side table. Furthermore, sofas that have built-in storage and the ones that can convert into a bed also give you more storage options. You can use the space underneath to store beddings, pillows, or other items.

space-saving furniture ideas for a living room

Your sofa doesn’t need to be bulky to provide comfort.

A coffee table that offers more

Every living room should include a coffee table. We use it to place our coffee, decorations, remote control, and similar items. However, your coffee table can offer more than just that. Many designs include built-in storage – a drawer or other hidden compartment. Some of them can hide a couple of stools underneath, so there’s no need to buy additional chairs. Pull out the stools when you have someone over, and hide them once you don’t need them anymore. Also, specific tables allow you to lift the top and transform it into a functional desk for your home office. Look for creative solutions and maximize space in your living room.

a living room

Pick a coffee table with some compartments for books, magazines, and trinkets.


Simple wall shelves

Elevating your storage space is a great way to clear the ground and make a difference. Wall shelves can be used for home décor, photographs, books, and so much more. Also, a simple shelf of a larger format can become a desk station for your home office. Use it instead of a massive office desk, and you’ll still have enough space for your laptop and other office supplies. In general, using vertical space is essential when living in a small home, so don’t forget to elevate things as much as possible.

wall shelves as space-saving furniture ideas

Elevate décor items and plants to make more space on the floors and other pieces of furniture.


Multifunctional beds

Beds take the most space in every living room. So why wouldn’t you use it for some additional storage? Many beds come with hidden compartments or drawers under them. You can use that space for covers, seasonal clothes, and more. Also, one of the best space-saving furniture ideas for your home is trundle beds. If your kids need to share their room and need more space for play, these are the perfect solution. Also, trundle beds are practical if you have friends or family over quite often and don’t have multiple guest rooms in your home. Just slide them out, and there’s an additional bed right there!

A dining table that you can fold

A massive, traditional dining table is great, but it also needs a separate room to make a statement. If a dining room is not an option, you need to figure out how to fit a table between your kitchen and living room. Foldable or collapsible dining tables are a perfect way to save space and still have the option to host a family dinner. These tables can often be folded in half to get a small table for everyday use, or you can fold it entirely and get a simple console that doesn’t take up so much space. This is perfect for individuals or couples that don’t need big tables all the time – just for some special occasions or when hosting a dinner for their friends.

Bench with storage space

Benches are a great way to save space as they don’t’ take up as much room as an armchair. However, if you pick a piece with a storage compartment built-in, you win this space-saving game. Benches are pretty versatile, as you can use them for storage and sitting and as a statement piece in the living room or bedroom décor.

Corner home office

Those working from home know it’s hard to find a nook to have some peace and quiet but not take up so much space. If there’s an unused corner in your home, fill it with an L-shaped desk and make that your home office station. It’s an effective way to use a corner that couldn’t fit any other pieces of furniture.

How to deal with bulky pieces that eat up space in your home?

Clearing out your home and replacing old furniture with more space-efficient solutions can start. But, what to do with those robust pieces you already have? You can get rid of them by donating or selling them online. However, this can take time, so we advise renting a storage unit for unwanted pieces or simply for items you don’t need that often. You’ll make more space at your home while your belongings stay safe until you need them next time. However, be sure to know how to remove some bulky pieces or hire professional – injuries and damage are common when such tasks are handled unprofessionally.

A small apartment doesn’t mean an uncomfortable apartment

As you can see, these space-saving furniture ideas show that small spaces can be convenient and quite comfortable. People underestimate their living space capacity, but if you’re creative enough, you can do wonders with the tiniest spaces.

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