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Whether you live alone or in a bustling household, having a place to sit and eat is a must. And while the kitchen counter or sofa may be suitable for one, a shared meal requires a dining set. A dining room table and accompanying suit are likely to last longer than any other furniture you purchase. It is therefore important to carefully consider all the factors that go into choosing the perfect table. 

  • Space – One must be mindful of the space the table will occupy. Eat-in kitchen or formal dining room? Is the purpose of the space/room exclusive to dining or will it double as a home office? With all spaces, proper measurement is critical. The table must allow for the chairs to be pushed out far enough on all sides for a person to stand-up comfortably and walk around others who are seated.
  • Service – Deciding how often and in what ways the table will be used is essential. While an everyday table will demand a durable, low-maintenance construction, a formal dining room table that exclusively sees light to moderate dining can be of a more high-end and delicate design.
  • Shape – There are pros and cons to each of the 4 basic shapes (square, rectangle, round, oval). A rounded table is always going to appear to take up less space than an angular shape. A good rule of thumb is to choose a table that matches the shape of the space and coincides with your anticipated seating.
  • Seating & Size – These go hand-in-hand as the size of your table naturally dictates the number of people you can comfortably seat around it. Being mindful of the dimensions of the space is key. Just as a table that is too big is no good, a small table that is swallowed by a larger room will look awkward by itself. And while you may want to have a table with service for 10, the room may not allow it. If it is flexibility you desire, look for tables with multiple leaves that can be added or removed as needed.
  • Style – Once you’ve got a handle on the dimensions, you can start the fun part… actual shopping! There are so many materials and styles to choose from. Start with those that compliment the furnishings and decor you already have. Avoid trendy pieces. Remember this table may be with you for a very long time; well after the fad has faded! Plus, a timeless, simple style will be easier to find replacement chairs for many years down the road when the original chairs have deteriorated but the table is still going strong. 
  • Suit? – Are you just buying a table or do you plan to purchase an entire suit for the room? If not now then perhaps later? Keep this in mind as you plan your space.

You know your home and we know furniture! When you are ready to start comparing the two, come see us at Furniture Solutions. Shop online from the comfort of your sofa then stop by to try out all the pieces that catch your eye!