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Quarantine got you down? Feeling the walls closing in? We’ve all spent so much more time in our living spaces lately. Time to break out… outside that is! Spring is in full swing and the weather in Greater Cincinnati this time of year can provide some very comfortable moments, particularly in the morning or later in the evening when humidity, sunshine, and temperatures are at their mildest. 

Many of us are starting to break out and “open up our circle” by spending short periods of time with our close friends and family. The safest way to do this is to spend as much of that time as possible outside where the aerosols we naturally spread by talking dissipate more rapidly. 

Sprucing up your outdoor living space with some new furniture and accessories can really make the space cleaner, more comfortable, and more relaxing. Here are a few quick guidelines to consider when planning your outdoor living space: 

  • Define The Space – Is your outdoor space covered in any way? Will you be entertaining or are you simply looking for your own private oasis? Do you use a grill? Are you planning to incorporate plants? The answers to these questions will guide your choices as you consider all the furniture options. 
  • Size Matters – Nothing flips your mood from ‘excited’ to ‘disappointed’ faster than getting that new patio set home, only to find it is way bigger than you thought and your patio is WAY smaller than you remembered.  Be sure to measure your outdoor space before you begin shopping. Ensure that the pieces you like will fit in your space while also allowing room for movement and comfortable sitting. 
  • Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Part of the allure of sitting outdoors is the feeling of having space and room around you. If you are working with a smaller, more intimate space avoid overcrowding it with too many large items. There are plenty of smaller seating options that provide comfort without overtaking your entire balcony, porch, or patio. A good rule of thumb is to avoid filling more than half of the available space, leaving the remaining area open. 
  • Materials – There are so many choices when it comes to quality outdoor furniture that is built to stand up to the elements. Wood, plastic, aluminum, wicker, all have their advantages and flaws. When it comes to choosing your furniture, you will need to consider your preference and relative importance when it comes to cost, durability, weight, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Some pieces (plastic) are designed with a finite lifespan that requires little upkeep, while others (natural materials) may require some care but can last considerably longer. 
  • Accessories –  Unless your outdoor living space is covered, your new furniture is likely to encounter the elements of nature at some point. Covers can go a long way towards extending the life of your new furniture set. If your seating includes cushions, you will want to cover or store them also. Consider these factors and their options when figuring the total cost of your outdoor furniture upgrade.

Whether you’ve got an apartment balcony or a full patio outdoor oasis, your friends at Furniture Solutions in Wilder, KY can be the answer to your indoor quarantine blues. Our website,, allows you to browse from the comfort of your own home. Each item on our website includes measurements and direct links to matching products, saving you valuable time when you come in to purchase that patio set of your dreams!