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There’s nothing that says comfort and relaxation like a recliner. That’s especially true of modern power recliners, where the touch of a button puts you in charge of the world. Any position you want, any view of the room, any kind of back and neck support – they’re all available, awaiting your request. 

Recliners have been favorites in our homes for many years. The standard recliner with the stick on the side is comfortable, sturdy and reliable, and it’s still a great economical choice for anyone who wants to lean back luxuriously for that special TV show. 

It’s not just the adjustability that makes today’s recliners so luxurious. There’s also the plush padding and upholstery. And they’re comfortable on your ears as well. They’re quiet. If you’re watching TV, you don’t have to wait for a commercial to tweak your position. If you’re having a conversation, it won’t be disrupted when you shift your headrest or add a little lumbar support. 

It used to be that recliners looked clumsy and boxy. Not anymore! They’re available in just about any style from formal to modern to casual. For example, there are Scandinavian designs with contemporary rounded contours. Many look like ordinary chairs and sofas, plush and comfortable, built on sturdy frames that are sure to last. When your fingers find the buttons, though, you’ll see they’re a whole lot more! 

Check out some of our favorites: 

Boerna 7360713 Power Recliner with Adjustable Headrest

Driver’s seat. Oo-oo! Power up with this ultra-modern power recliner. Inspired by sports car interiors, the seating area is covered in real leather for your pleasure. An advanced one-touch power control puts everything at your fingertips, including an Easy View™ power headrest, USB port and wireless charging for your phone. If that’s not enough, how does this sound? Integrated Bluetooth speakers, armrests with storage, and pull-out compartments to keep cup holders out of sight yet right at hand.

Backtrack U2800413 Power Recliner with Adjustable Headrest

With its fashion-forward sense of style, this power recliner has you covered with high-tech advancements and downhome comfort. For starters, the seating area and armrests are upholstered in real leather for true indulgence where it matters most. Love being pampered? With the touch of a button, experience the pure bliss of an air massage system (with three settings), or chill out with the heated seat element. Distinctive elements of this power recliner include contemporary waterfall tufting that beautifully goes with the flow and a zero-gravity mechanism further raising the ottoman for better blood flow.


If you think a new power recliner is something to lean back and relax in…you’re right! But that’s just the start of what the latest reclining sofas and chairs can do. Check out Furniture Solutions in Wilder, Kentucky and find out what recliner is just the right fit for your needs, space, and lifestyle. Shop online or come visit our showroom! 

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