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Did you know that Furniture Solutions provides more than furniture? We are growing into becoming your one stop home design center. Mohawk Flooring is helping us reach this goal. Furniture is one piece of the design process while flooring brings in another major part. This month’s blog will focus on flooring selections that fit your lifestyle.

Vinyl, tile, carpet, wood the list goes on when it comes to flooring. When we start the flooring selection process, durability is certainly a concern at the top of the list. What must the flooring in your life stand up too? Pets? Kids? Water? Dirt? Whatever life involves, there is a flooring product that can bring beauty with durability.


Carpet brings warmth to a home that many have enjoyed for years and will for years to come. With wide color and textures to choose from, you can certainly always find something that is sure to please.

The question then become what about stain resistance and how do I select the best option for our lives in the carpet arena. In a resent Mohawk Flooring blog the following was stated regarding this concern. For the best stain resistant carpet options, look for fibers that are constructed without dye sites, like Mohawk SmartStrand carpets. Permanent protection is built into the carpet fibers, preventing stains from chemically bonding to the carpet, so the carpet is easy to thoroughly clean and resistant to even the most stubborn of stains.


In today’s trending life style looks, wood flooring or the “look” of them is all the rage. From classic to a rustic farm house look to achieving your goal in style can certainly be accomplished with hardwood. The question again remains with durability of product.

For an expert opinion we will once again refer to a recent Mohawk post regarding hardwoods. If you want to add hardwood floors to your home but you have pets or active family members who are hard on flooring, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First, choose a harder species of hardwood, like hickory or maple, which are more durable. The harder the wood, the more resistant it will be to staining and discoloration as well. Also, look for lower gloss finishes and consider rustic designs to help hide wear.

​RevWood Plus

Want the look of hardwood but not the upkeep? RevWood may be the product for you. Indistinguishable from hardwood at first glance, this highly durable flooring product is suitable for most areas of the home. Revwood is certainly a choice to be considering a flooring project.

Mohawk states RevWood’s protective wear layer makes it incredibly durable, scratch and stain resistant, so it offers a wonderful solution for pet owners or active families with children.


Vinyl flooring can be purchased at every price point that exists. Just keep in mind, you truly get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cost effective new flooring option, vinyl is certainly to be considered. Keep in mind the quality of the vinyl selected could affect the durability of the product.

What is the difference between “sheet vinyl” and “luxury vinyl”? Sheet vinyl comes in large rolls. When installed it is simply rolled out and cut to fit the space. whereas luxury vinyl planks and tiles snap together or glue down for easy installation. Some vinyl tiles can even be used with grout to give them an incredibly realistic tile or stone appearance.

In luxury vinyls like Mohawks SolidTech, the quality and look can not be ignored. Many believing is it a laminate yet miles from it. Luxury vinyls will provide durability as well as scratch, scuff and stain resistance.


In today’s world tile sure looks different from years ago. You can find tile from traditional, to designs of every style, including the appearance wood planks. No matter the style desired, if maximum durability is the goal, tile is a must consider.

Some tiles have enhanced durability technologies, like Mohawk’s Microban technology, that won’t ever wash off or wear away. It protects your tile against any mold or mildew that could possibly build up within your flooring. Unlike many other treatments, this technology is actually infused during the manufacturing process, ensuring that your tile will look like new for years to come.

Whatever your flooring desire, we at Furniture Solutions are here to help. Stop by and see us today to see our selections. We are your go to home design center.